Creative Dance Faculty with Children

Internship Spring 2014 at Luna Dance Institute, California for Westlake Oakland Middle School, Berkley

I organize Programs for PreK, Elementary and High Schools that incorporate different techniques, such as Somatic Education to Movement and Dance, Creative Practice, Improvisation, Second Language Learning, Writing, Drawing and Performance-Making.

The programs available are:

The Mythology of the Body (Elementary and High School Program)
The Vibrating Voice (High School Program)
Move Play and Jump into English! (PreK and Elementary School Programs)
Move, Play and Jump into Italian! (PreK and Elementary School Programs)

I am kin to inclusivity, diversity and look at the students as integrated being, supporting their creative out spring and delivering clear, organized, challenging and inspiring material. A particular focus is dedicated to the communication methodologies, amongst student and with the environment, introducing Non-Violent Communication and Active Listening.