Voice/Breath Education

Atem–Tonus–Ton® was developed by Maria Höller-Zangenfeind.
Her idea was to build a bridge between contemplative breath/body work and body-based vocal training. Breath and vocal training concepts had already existed as independent areas of expertise. Combining these two fields became an exciting challenge. Greater attention was focused on the subconscious qualities of sound, and the method was expanded to include vocal aspects related to personality development. Atem–Tonus–Ton is body-based vocal training and a means of self-experience and expression. The most important aspect here is authenticity – in body, voice and gesture. Mental and emotional alignment, muscle tone, movement, breathing and voice are experienced as inseparably linked.


Maria Höller-Zangenfeind (1952–2011) was a breath and body psychotherapist. After majoring in sports studies, she studied and taught at the Institut für Atemtherapie und -unterricht Prof. Ilse Middendorf (Prof. Ilse Middendorf Institute for Breath Therapy and Instruction) in Berlin. She studied singing in Berlin, Rome and Geneva and received further education in clinical supervision and transpersonal psychotherapy with Dr. Sylvester Walch.

As a trainer, lecturer and instructor she worked at various institutions in Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the USA. Her training courses for speakers, artists, therapists and education professionals revolved around the overall theme of authenticity in body, voice and gesture. She was also a singer and performer of chansons and songs.